About Us

Rawabi & Gulf Marvel Co. Ltd. (RGM)
is a joint venture of Gulf Marvel Eng. Co. which is based in UAE and Rawabi Electronics Systems & Cables Co. (RESCO – Lebanon) which is based in Lebanon. RGM Brings strengths of Rawabi and Gulf Marvel to Saudi Market.


Gulf Marvel was established in year 2005 in UAE and Rawabi was established in year 1995 in Lebanon. Rawabi & Gulf Marvel is established in 2010. Because of extensive experience and market and product knowledge, RGM was able to secure major projects ( Princes Noura University (PNU), King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD), King Abdullah University of Sciences and Technology (KAUST), King Saud University (KSU)) in Saudi Arabia. We have office in Riyadh and one coming soon in Jeddah and Dammam.


Our fundamental objective is to deliver integrated business automation solutions and round-the-clock service to our customers by merging best of breed technologies with a highly skilled workforce.   Our main strategies to achieve this are:

·      Understanding Customer Needs: We understand that customers needs solutions not boxes of equipment. We listen and understand customer needs and long term plans. Than our team of experts uses its expertise to design a system which does the job Excellently in most cost effective manner.


·      Deliver What is Promised: We will not be shy to say sorry we can’t do it. We will deliver what we promise. We communicate with our customers and try to explain them what is realistically possible and what is not.


·      Use World Class Equipment: We continue to strive not to have any weak link in the chain. We follow international standard as guidelines for our designs and use only approved tested and standard products in implementation. Value Engineering is our expertise. We try to achieve maximum using minimum equipment and offer cost savings to our clients.


Service Expertise: Employee and maintain experienced trained staff. Coordinate with all parties involved using effective means of communication and take pro-active approach in anticipating implementation difficulties. This comes with experience.


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